Web Design


Involved to update the contents (example : web banner, the photos, and footer & body information)

  • Web Based Communication Tools (WBCT)


PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver

E-ENJOY was specifically developed and designed for web based communication tools which allows various types of user to communicate and interact with the system. E-ENJOY includes functions such add, delete, update and search (system manoeuvre). E-ENJOY almost similar to other social networks website such as Facebook, Tagged, and Friendsters. The core feature of E-ENJOY is the communication tool that allow user to perform online chatting by creating a new account, update users profile, add and request friends, manage users message, and allow users to manage forum message from the online communication tool.

In this group project, I’m supposed to create “add/remove friends, search friends, registration user” function. These function allowed user to get more friends and able to search also. Registration was the main entrance to this WBCT.

Customized by Toby Ng
toby ng