It was a valuable experience hard persist after almost 3 years to attend lab & classes and eventually given the opportunity to make industry training abroad. Everything starts with the launch of P-SPA Program (3D animation skills improvement program) and I not only participate but also work hard to be selected from among them. "Thank You P-SPA, you had widen my journey!". xD

Background : 3D architectural company (website)
Duration       : 3 month (26 June - 23 September 2011)
Outcome      : Learned Unity 3D & 3Ds Max ( Project : Rotterdam Highway Tunnel - 3D walk-through )

Software : 3ds Max, and Unity 3D

The project is about to examine the Unity 3D software from importing 3Ds Max model and build a Graphical User Interface (GUI) functions. This is a beginning step to develop the first prototype for the company's project, a new "Rotterdam Highway Tunnel". Previously, The company try to implement this project in CryENGINE but the application only can view in desktop pc. Unity 3D allow to built in many platform such as IOS, Android, ....etc.

By the way, there is a development task such as exploring into Java scripting to compile a working Graphical User Interface (GUI) for this application in Unity 3D, which will act user-friendly to navigate by the user. Lastly, the documentation for the application also provide to the company.

Software : 3ds Max, Unity 3D

The task is to reduce the number of 3D polygon face object (using 3Ds Max) that can be brought into the Unity 3D, and translated into the Augmented Reality (AR) applications for Ipad2. The original polygon amount before reduce has been done to it is nearly 900,000. This number is too large to carry to the Unity 3D, whereas the Unity’s engine will alert you when the polygons exceed 60,000.

It takes between two to three weeks to reduce the polygon parts would not be seen by users without composing the original form of the building. Only nearly 18,000 polygon left, and the model successful display inside Ipad2.

Software : Adobe Photoshop

The floor plan, a diagram, usually to scale, showing a view from above of the relationships between rooms, spaces and other physical features at one level of a structure. Adobe Photoshop for props decoration. Lastly, superimposed all the props layer into a pencil sketch and saves it as images.


 Software : Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Dreamweaver.

To modify a website Knowledge Management International Conference (KMICe), a website provided a platform for international presentation of research findings as well as discussions and sharing of recent advances in the field.

More to the editing of the pictures such as banner, logo, and theme's layout. Only update the image and text content, not including upload to the server task.

Hardware : Orange, black, and white paint (brushes ofcoz) - Limitation of color :o(

Location : School of Multimedia, Technology & Communication, Universiti Utara Malaysia (new building 2011)

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface.

There are 10 student involved in this activity. This place will be an animation studio for the next multimedia juniors. I decorate a character that is the nature aggressive so it seems to attract the next junior to make them feel that the 2D illustration seemed to alive. :o)


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