Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dear drinker,

I believe our life discover more about drinks beside a plain water. Chill, warm, fragrant, fresh, sweet and every taste feelings happened somewhere with someone else, and the great moment in our life, inspired by some of the most relaxing time and days.

Well, there are a few collection of badge; bubble tea, coffee, wine, cocktail and tea. Sometimes people would like to mark or label their drink's ingredient, vineyard rack, etc. And soon they return for it.

All graphics are saved in Illustrator AI , and EPS , every single file being well-organized by layers, perfectly-aligned and extremely easy to customize (every detail is made of a vector layer for AI and EPS). Links for the fonts, as well for the images used, are packed in the help file.

Thanks for stopping by

Customized by Toby Ng
toby ng